Get ready for a summer of endless fun! Sign up for one week or all 8! Harmony Summer Fun Days are offered in 1 week sessions centered around themes that fit a variety of academic and art interests including: art projects, science experiments, drama, music, dance, cooking and open play activities.

We provide children with the freedom to move at their own pace and engage in hands-on learning!

Students will participate in outdoor play and group games at area parks:  Park West Playground, Alcott Playground, Jonquil Park, Oz Park.  

Field trips within walking distance of the center will be on Thursdays. Field trips are subject to change due to weather and availability. Possible field trips include: Lincoln Park Zoo, Wiesman’s Park Water Playground, Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, Lincoln Park Conservatory, and Oui Chef.

Summer Camp 2022

Ages 5– 12 years

Hours: 9:00 am – 3pm

Rate: $425 per week

10% sibling discount 

Early Drop-off (8am) & Extended day (4pm) @ $10/hour.

Capacity 16 kids per week maximum  

Sample Schedule:

9AM-9:30 Arrival and Morning Meeting

9:30-11:45 Outdoor Fun at Alcott, Jonquil, Oz or Lincoln Park

Noon: Return to center 

12:15pm-12:45pm Lunch at Park West or Harmony 

1PM-2:30PM Theme of the Week Activities at Harmony

2:30PM Practical Life Work & Sunset Meeting

3PM Dismissal & Pickup  

Week 1: June 20-June 24 

Theme: Mixed Media Art

Monday- Spin Art Rocks & Air Dry Clay Magnets 

Tuesday- Calder Mobile

Wednesday- Hot Air Balloon Art

Thursday- Nature Museum w/ Scavenger Hunt 

Friday- Bubble Gum Self Portraits

Week 2: June 27-July 1

Theme: Science & History 

Monday- Montessori Great Lesson: The Coming of the Universe

BOOK: BORN WITH A BANG  Story of the universe from the Big Bang to the formation of the sun and solar system.

Tuesday- Great Lesson Science Lab

Wednesday- Rock Cycle & Volcanoes 

Thursday- Nature Museum w/ Scavenger Hunt

Friday-Planets of the Milky Way

July 4-8 No Camp

Week 3: July 11-15 Reading & Phlanthrophy

Book: The Lemonade War 

Math and Service Project: Alex’s Lemonade Stand 

Monday: The Lemonade War Chapters 1-2 & Lemonade Playdough

Tuesday: The Lemonade War Chapters 3-5 & Lemonade Craft

Wednesday: The Lemonade War Chapters 6-8 & Sorting Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives Creative Writing

Thursday: The Lemonade War Chapters 9-11 & Lemonade Poster Design, Wiesman’s Park Water Playground

Friday:The Lemonade War Chapters 12-14 & Alex’s Lemonade Stand 

Week 4: July 18-22

Theme: Gardening & Cooking

Monday:Gardening Basics and Community Garden 

Tuesday:Seed Bombs & Floral Arranging 

Wednesday: Culinary Class at Oui Chef 

Thursday: Field Trip to Lincoln Park Conservatory

Friday: Cupcake Decorating Contest

Week 5: July 25-29

Theme: Mixed Media Art 

Monday- Tissue paper balloon bowl & Process Art

Tuesday- Tissue paper balloon bowl & Community Art

Wednesday- Beaded Bubble Blowers 

Thursday- Nature Museum w/ scavenger hunt 

Friday- Mason Jar Lantern with Beaded Handle


Week 6: August 1-5

Theme: Science & History

Monday: Timeline of Life

Tuesday:  Parts and Needs of Plants

Wednesday: Animal Kingdom- Adaptations 

BOOK:FROM LAVA TO LIFE.  Story of the Earth from the appearance of the first life forms to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Thursday: Animal Kingdom- Dinosaurs, Lincoln Park Zoo  

Friday: Rocks & Fossils 

Week 7: August 8-12

Theme: Reading & Math & Cooking

Novel Study: The Chocolate Touch, Crock Pot Chocolate Chip Cookies  

Monday: History of Chocolate 

Tuesday: Fraction Circles 

Wednesday:Solar Oven Smores

Thursday:Fraction Bingo, Wiesman’s Park Water Playground

Friday:Homemade Ice Cream

Week 8: August 15-19

Theme: Performance Arts 

Monday- Reader’s Theater & Poetry 

Tuesday- Reader’s Theater & Poetry 

Wednesday- Music & Dance

Thursday-Summer Bingo & Wiesman’s Park Water Playground

Friday- Talent Show at Park West


1. Children and staff will be required to follow the local CDC guidelines pertaining to mask wearing at the time of summer camp.  

2. Everyone must keep their personal items in a backpack. Please bring water bottle, snack, and NUT FREE lunch.

3. If anyone in your household is ill or has a fever, do not bring your child to camp.