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Let's Party!


Have your little one's Birthday Party at Harmony! 

Perfect for children ages 1-5 years and includes:

  • Private Rental of our entire boutique play center.

  • 2-hour-party (2 hour party & 1/2 hour set up) 

  • Start time of the party between 10am and 5pm. 

  • Use of our party room with ability to bring your own decorations, food, drink,

     cake, and entertainment.

  • Suggested capacity limit is 35-40 guests. 

  • Child sized tables and chairs set up for 16 children.

     (you can request additional headcount) 

  • Benches and chairs for 10 adults & standing room for additional adults.

  • Playtime in our Montessori-inspired playrooms.

  • Party coordinator to help with set up and clean up.

  • Disposable tablecloths, filtered water and a single serve coffee machine available.

  • Add-on options of Pikler climbing gym & slide, lego table or play frame tent. 

  • Option to add on 30min of Music Class with The Music Playhouse or Face Painting.

  • Option to include photography services provided by Dylan Johnson Photography.

Take a virtual tour
of our space.

Email or submit an inquiry form

for current rates and more info.

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Meena's Party Shoot-05903.jpeg
  • What add-ons do you offer?
    We offer a variety of add-on activities at no cost. These include a birthday sensory bin (colorful rice with pom poms), a pickler climbing gym, A-frame tent with s’mores pretend play, and a lego table. These can be used to customize the space to your child’s and guest’s interests! You may also purchase add-ons at an additional cost including: Music Playhouse Chicago Class Face Painting
  • What is the general flow of parties?
    Here is a sample schedule of a party with a 10 o’clock start time: 9:30-10:00 arrival and setup assisted by staff member 10:00-10:15 guests arrive 10:15-11:00 open play in playrooms 11:00-11:15 cleanup and gathering in back room for food 11:15-11:35 food in backroom 11:35-11:55 happy birthday song, gifts, and cake 12:00 guests depart!
  • Can I play music?
    Yes! We have 2 JBL speakers in the space. One in our front playroom and one in the back room. A staff member will be available to play your playlist of choice or may assist you in connecting to these speakers.
  • What do I need to bring?
    We supply pink/red/blue/white disposable tablecloths, cake cutting accessories, lighters, two large Costco tables, and a galvanized bucket for drinks. You bring any decorations and any other party supplies you might want, food, and yourselves!
  • Is there parking?
    We are located on Wrightwood and Burling. Wrightwood has non-zoned parking and Burling is zone 143. Due to our location in the heart of Lincoln Park, parking can sometimes be tricky, but metered parking is available nearby on Halsted!
  • How large is your space?
    Our space consists of 3 play rooms and an office space. Each room can host small to medium-sized groups comfortably. For a better idea as to the size of these rooms, please see our virtual tour!
  • Are there limitations to what I can bring in?
    Your party is completely customizable to you. We’re confident our playrooms will keep your child and their friends entertained for the duration of the party. We are okay with outside toys, but we are not responsible for any lost or damaged items! We do not have any limitations on food/drinks. Decorations of all sorts (banners/balloons/etc) are allowed and encouraged - Make it your own!
  • Can I come in for a tour?
    We do offer in-person tours on weekdays, though we try to limit them to when we don’t have children in the space. Our party slots do fill up fast so we are unfortunately not able to guarantee availability for a particular day while waiting for a tour. For this reason, we have provided a virtual tour of our space that is up-to-date and accurate!
  • Is there seating?
    We provide 6 child-size tables and 16 child-size chairs. Adult seating is limited. We have 3 benches throughout the space that can each accommodate 2-3 adults, 5 wicker chairs available for use throughout the space, and an office chair that is also available for use.
  • Are there any policies we should know about?
    We do shoes off at the center. There is a sign upon entering the door that will direct your guests to remove their shoes which helps to keep our space clean! We offer stroller parking on our back deck! All strollers should be left outside of the space. Because we offer multiple slots for parties, we ask that you respect your time slot and encourage guests to be out of the space by the end of the reservation so that our staff can reset between parties!
  • What is the bathroom/diaper changing situation?
    We have 2 child-friendly bathrooms at Harmony and 1 fold-down changing table for your little ones!
  • How many people can I comfortably fit?
    We recommend keeping your party to 40-45 guests or under. While many people can fit in our space across our 3 play rooms comfortably, we also recommend thinking about the last 45 minutes of the party when everyone will be gathered together for food and cake.
  • What goes on here during the week?
    There is something for everyone at Harmony! In the mornings we host open-play sessions for babies and toddlers (ages 0 - 4) and their caretakers. In the afternoons, we host elementary students for an after-school program. We offer a Montessori-inspired preschool prep class tri-weekly (ages 2.5 - 4). We also partner with other local businesses to provide literacy, music, and movement classes in our space throughout the week.
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