Montessori Preschool Prep

Perfect for children ages 2.5-4 years! This gentle release program cultivates independence & freedom. Preschool Prep encourages your child’s love of learning. Activities are designed to develop social skills, independence, fine motor skills, pre-reading skills and purposeful use of materials. Children have the security of a parent or *caregiver present.


*Caregiver must stay on premises for children younger than 4 years old 

Learning & Socializing

Preschool Prep is taught by an experienced Montessori teacher and the focus is fun! We will guide children through activities such as music, art, movement, open play and a group snack.


Beautiful Classroom

Well-planned lessons are presented in a carefully prepared environment filled with specifically- designed, age-appropriate materials in a mixed-age community. The children learn and have the freedom to choose activities, which allows their talents to emerge.